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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Battarix an alternative to my phone charger?

No, Battarix is an ever-ready standby SOS charger to be used in any situation that your traditional phone charger is unavailable.

Is Battarix rechargeable?

No, Battarix is a pre-powered SOS Backup Battery that, due to its ultra-slim size and patented technology, cannot be recharged once the energy of the Battarix has been depleted.

Is Battarix recyclable?

Yes, Battarix can be recycled at any certified battery electronics recycler that accepts batteries.

Is Battarix safe to carry on my person (in my wallet, pocket or purse)?

Yes! All safety information is located on the back of the Battarix package.

Can I sticker Battarix on my phone and leave it there for emergency use?

We recommend that you keep your Battarix with adhesive protector secure in your wallet or purse until ready for use. Although the adhesive sticker will hold your Battarix to your phone, it is possible that through the regular transfer of your phone from different locations, the Batterix could become dislodged from the phone back.

Will the sticker hold if I: Take it on/off with each use?

As with any adhesive, the more frequently you remove and replace Battarix, the weaker the adhesive will become. If you only need a partial charge and would like to reuse your Battarix, we recommend replacing the adhesive protective sticker to maintain maximum adherence capability.

What if I remove it to put it on another phone?

If you would like to reuse a non-depleted Battarix on another phone, we suggest that when stickering the device, you try to move it gently to ensure that it has sufficient adhesion to remain on the phone back.

If my phone battery dies entirely, will Battarix power it back up?

Battarix will power your phone back up and maintain a charge while connected for up to 3 hours. Charging time may vary depending upon the quantity of apps and windows you are running.

Can Battarix charge my laptop or other USB-C powered devices. If so how long will the charge last?

Although Battarix does have a USB-C power adapter, we do not recommend using it for any other device than a mobile phone.

Is Battarix single use?

Yes, the Battarix Power Card is single use. We do not intend for the Battarix Power Card to replace a normal portable charger; instead, it is designed to be used as a tool to hold your charge for emergency situations.

Can I travel on flights with the Battarix Power Card?

Yes! You can confidently bring the Battarix Power Card with you wherever you go, thanks to its UN38.3 Certification. This ensures that our battery card meets the strict safety standards for the transportation of lithium-ion batteries set by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

What if I forget it in my car on a hot day?

Our lithium-ion magnesium oxide battery boasts outstanding temperature stability, ranging from -40°F to 257°F. It is specifically designed to endure extreme heat without compromising its performance. Additionally, this advanced battery technology ensures an impressive discharge rate of only 1% per year. Rest assured, our battery is built to last, providing reliable power when you need it most.