Charge forward

with full potential and power for life.


Protect the safety of your children.

When the kids are out of reach, make sure they always have the power to reach you.

So simple, a child can use it—so essential, they should never leave home without it. Keep them always within reach with a pocket-sized SOS battery that can provide immediate power to their phone anytime, anywhere.

Whether it's just a call for a ride home because he missed the bus or a distress call lost in the woods, Battarix is peace of mind knowing you will always be there when you are needed and will never again hear, “Sorry Mom, my phone died.”

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First Responders

Respond first and maintain contact with every available resource.

Even superheroes have to maintain their powers.

Your smartphone is a mission-critical tool in the critical work you do. Whether it's access to crucial, real-time data in the form of floor plans and building occupancy, severe weather alerts, radar maps, or video conferencing with doctors in the emergency room—your mobile device is vital for your situational awareness, incident readiness, resource coordination, and safety.

Your power literally saves lives—never be without it.

Battarix salutes the true lifesavers among us.
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Outdoor Enthusiasts + Adventurers

Getting off the grid doesn’t mean abandoning your network of support.

Climb every mountain, but make sure you can get back down.

Empower yourself to go further with on-demand power. When there is no outlet for miles, Battarix is the ultimate addition to your wilderness safety protocol. Trek and camp with confidence that your phone will never be without power should the unexpected arise. Your mobile device can reassure your loved ones with a quick text “goodnight” from the backcountry or alert the authorities if you need medical attention. A weekend in the woods should never become a quest for survival.

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Professionals to Partygoers

Maintain communication for business or leisure.

In the boardroom or at the bar, the stakes are high.

You can’t win the deal if you lose the call. To be a winner, you must take charge. Make sure that you can always maintain communication when connectivity is critical.

After months of negotiations, you have your client on the line about to say “yes.” Seize the moment with every confidence that you can carry the conversation forward. Don’t miss opportunities because of an operational failure.

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One and all

Emergency planning is not just an exercise anymore.

Safety and security are universal human needs that are now universally tethered to the phone.

These days emergency fitness is required of everyone, and our preparedness requires mobility and connectivity. We live in a world of increasing uncertainty, but with Battarix you can be certain that your smartphone can power you through any emergency situation.

From fires to floods, your mobile device is a vital resource. It is the tool to make informed decisions about safety and preserve connection to family and friends. Prepare your mobile phone to be a lifeline in life-threatening situations.

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Storytellers + Content Creators

Record the good times and share your experience.

It’s showtime—keep the camera rolling and the social posting.

Be certain that you can capture those WOW moments in life and share them when it matters most—in real-time. From the Lakers game in overtime to the new band you discover at Coachella, when there is live-action you want to share on social, you can’t let your phone die. Always be there with the power to share.

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