A must-have for mobile users—Battarix is an extraordinary retail and private label opportunity.

Does your business sell or service mobile devices, accessories, electronics, outdoor gear, or on-the-go conveniences?

Then Battarix should be among your product offerings.

Shoppers everywhere, from airport kiosks and transit hubs to corner stores and sporting goods shops, are looking for smart solutions to maintain their phones when a traditional power source is not an option. With its compact size, versatility, and longevity, not only is Battarix an essential item to stock, a purchase of one usually means the sale of many.

Aligning your brand with safety, security, confidence, and caring never goes out of style.

Not only is Battarix a universally useful, thoughtful offering for every audience—the broad, flat surface makes it perfect for use as a promotional device to increase your brand awareness.

Tech gadgets are always hot giveaways, and the low price, compatibility with leading smartphone brands such as iPhone and Android, large branding area (3.4" x 2.1"), and long shelf-life make Battarix an excellent choice for your next marketing initiatives.

Connect with us to customize Battarix for your next promotional trade show, exhibition, gift bag, or giveaway, to inquire about wholesale purchases, retail displays, and other business opportunities.

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