Power On.

What’s possible with Battarix.

Your phone powers your possibilities—it is your mobility, your map, your memories, your business, your identity, your safety...

Battarix was born to fulfill a deeply rooted human desire for connection. It is our mission to help you maintain that connection in critical moments.

Whether you are a Mom concerned about her child’s wellbeing, a business professional about to close the deal, or an EMT conferring with doctors on life-saving procedures—your mobile phone communication is essential and with Battarix, you can always stay connected.

When a traditional power source is unavailable and your phone battery is failing, Battarix is a vital resource—providing uninterrupted communication when you need it most—saving you from worry, inconveniences, and even potentially life-threatening situations.

It gets you to the plug!

Our new patented technology, which has been accepted for issuance in the UK and USA, provides on-demand battery protection for your most trusted device anywhere you might need it. This ensures up to 3 hours of standby power at 1600 mAh.* With an astounding compact credit card design measuring a mere 86x54x3.8mm and weighing just over 1 oz, Battarix is a pre-charged, single-use, immediate power supply you can always carry with you.

Battarix is compatible with all modern iPhone and Android smartphones, but smartly—doesn’t require their cables. Uniquely designed to be completely self-suficcient, each Battarix contains its own USBC Type-C and iPhone’s lightning adapter. Not only is Battarix the world’s slimmest for portability, it requires zero maintenance yet delivers the highest quality charge and the longest shelf life of any SOS phone charger on the market, up to 8-years with proper storage.

No matter what you do or where you are going, leaving the house with Battarix means forever leaving behind the fear of “what if my phone dies?”

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